Saturday, September 26, 2015

Walt Disney World Anniversary Celebration Programming

October 1st marks the 44th anniversary of Walt Disney World and the 33rd anniversary of the
Opening of EPCOT Center. Spectro Radio will be marking the occasion with a three day broadcast event starting this Thursday Oct 1st. We'll have three days packed with music and audio celebrating 44 years of Walt Disney World and EPCOT Center. Our first day will be a look back at the history of the Magic Kingdom. Then Friday we move ahead to 1982 and the grand opening of EPCOT Center. Then Saturday will be devoted to music, audio, commentary, and more looking back at the entire history of Walt's Dream in Florida.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Special Disneyland Anniversary Lineup!

Friday July 17th is the 60th Anniversary of Disneyland. We've been celebrating since May but tomorrow is a special day and we've got a  lineup all day to celebrate along with our friends at Disneyland and let you be a part of the celebration no matter where you are! Check out our lineup below and don't miss a minute of the celebration!

7:30am - The earzup podcast starts off our day bright and early with an interesting look at Disneyland by the numbers!

9am - Walt's Dedication of Disneyland

10am - A journey and look down Disneyland's Main Street USA

11am - Steve Martin hosts the First Fifty Magical Years. A look back from Disneyland's 50th anniversary.

12pm - A Look back at 60 years of Disneyland Parades

1:30pm - The Disneyland Monorail Dedication from 1959

2pm - The History of it's a small world

5pm - Dateline Disneyland: a look back at TV coverage of Disneyland through the years

6pm - Disneyland Spotlight - Secrets, Stories, and Magic

7pm Disneyland Street Lights - The music of Disneyland's Electrical Parades

9:30pm - Disneyland After Dark: From Date Night to Paint The Night, the music of Disneyland when the sun goes down.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Name the Extinct Disney Attraction YOU'D Most Like to See Resurrected!

Aug 2015 SpectroMagic LE Pin Revealed!

The Disney Pins Blog is reporting The Limited Edition "own a piece of SpectroMagic" pin series continues this august with the release of the Evil Queen pin. At this time the size of the run and the retail price are unknown, however recent pins in the series have been capped at 1000 units and the price has been 19.95. The evil queen arrives at Walt Disney World pin kiosks in early August.