Sunday, January 24, 2016

Spectro Lives!

Big News!
We are happy to announce today that Spectro Radio is up and running on our new hosting service, The Live365 stream will continue to play through the rest of this week until Live365 shuts down.

Our new platform actually offers us some exciting options. You can currently listen by visiting, or by visiting and searching for SpectroRadio. You can also listen on your mobile device by downloading the StreamLicensing app, and searching for Spectro Radio. StreamLicensing is the service through which we stay legal by paying all the correct royalties to the artists you hear on our stream.

In the near future, we expect to also become available on the TuneIn site and mobile apps.

Growing Pains
Migrating our entire music library is a long and tedious process. Right now, we only have about 10-15% of our total audio library (about 12 hours of audio) on the new server. We will continue to add

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Spectro Radio Statement on Live365 Developments

Live365, the platform which has hosted Spectro Radio for the last 4 years, announced to its broadcasters and listeners via email on 12/30/15 that its future was uncertain beyond 12/31/15. This is in part due to a recent Copyright Royalty Board ruling which removed all provisions for small and micro webcasters to broadcast on the web, and giving a distinct advantage to large web based corporations like Pandora and iHeartRadio. A vast majority of the stations served by live365 are small to mid-sized webcasters and hobbyists with little to no monetary revenue.

At the same time the ruling from the Copyright Royalty Board was announced, it became apparent to many of Live365's investors that the future of small webcasting was uncertain, and those investors pulled out of Live365 leaving the company in a precarious financial position.

At this time, Live365 is actively searching for new investors, but the future is uncertain and in all likelihood Spectro Radio's broadcast will go silent at midnight tonight (12/31/15).

The last four years of broadcasting Spectro have been amazing. It's given us the chance to connect with so many wonderful people in the Disney community. We'd like to extend a heart felt thank you to all of you who have listened to and supported us over the years.

At this time, we can't say for sure what the future holds for Spectro Radio. Of course we'd love to be able to find a new way to continue to bring Disney audio to our listeners and we are examining what options we might have to continue that, however, while there are many platforms out there that allow music streaming, many of them don't cover licensing and royalty fees as Live365 did. It is important to us that artists and musicians get paid their fair share of the royalties, and also that we maintain a legal broadcast. 

So, we hope you'll enjoy our last days of programming. In the words of Jiminy Cricket at the end of SpectroMagic we "hope you had a good time!" And we hope that someday in the future we can once again be the Happiest Station on Earth.

 - TeamSpectro 

Monday, December 28, 2015

Spectro Radio NYE Celebration!

Once again, Spectro Radio has put together another two-day New Year's Eve celebration to welcome 2016. In addition to several tracks that look back at Disney's historic Millennium Celebration, the event will be a truly global affair celebrating the new year with Disney Parks from around the globe with a special tribute to Tokyo Disney's New Year taking place at 10am ET (midnight Tokyo Disney time). Then at 6pm ET the celebration makes a stop in France to ring the new year in at midnight Disneyland Paris time. Then we'll whisk you across the Atlantic to celebrate simultaneously with Walt Disney World. Finally, at 3am we finish up with audio that celebrates the new year along with Disneyland in California. 
The celebration doesn't stop there because on January 1st the new year programming continues all day.
Join us for this amazing event!
Programming Lineup:

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

December SpectroMagic LE pin now available as of 12/17

Disney has released the December 2015 SpectroMagic history pin. Containing a piece of the costumes used in the little pigs segment of the parade, this pin is limited to a 1000 unit run and is selling for a price of 19.95. 

The question is, after two years running, is this the final item in the SpectroMagic series, or does Disney have more from this series up their sleeve?