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Announcing IllumiNations Farewell

On September 30th, we will bid a fond farewell to a nighttime spectacular that has been part of the memories of a generation of Epcot guests. IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth, the fourth in a series of IllumiNations shows at Epcot dating back to 1988, will take its final bow to make way for new nighttime entertainment at Epcot.

IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth has always been a key element of the Spectro Radio lineup as the IllumiNations Hour has been the station’s signature show since its inception. While we have no plans to remove the IllumiNations Hour programming block, Spectro Radio is proud to take this time to celebrate the finale of this groundbreaking series of nighttime spectaculars with a two-month celebration to salute the show and its creators.

Beginning August 1st, the IllumiNations Hour will be known as the IllumiNations: Farewell Hour. The updated show will start off 30 minutes earlier each night at 8pm EDT with a performance of Tapestry of Nations or Tapestry of Dreams, just like it did when it arrived for the Millennium Celebration. The show will also feature a new enhanced studio/pyrotechnic audio mix of IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth to truly transport you to World Showcase Lagoon each night.

Lastly, we’ll be incorporating rarely heard tracks from the extended pre-show mix that is used only when the start of IllumiNations is delayed including John Williams’ “Appalachian Morning,” “Red Skies” by Ömer Farouk Tekbilek, and “The Bear” by Hedningarna.

On September 30th, we will present an Ultimate IllumiNations Farewell broadcast that will include looks back at the making of IllumiNations, Earzup Podcasts’s History of IllumiNations and Music of the Millennium Celebration episodes, as well as the show’s predecessors Carnivale De Lumiere and Laserphonic Fantasy, leading up to a full hour of the full pre-show set list plus legacy versions of IllumiNations.

Also beginning August 1st, we’ll be offering Limited Edition IllumiNations Farewell merchandise on our Teepublic shop. These designs will only be available until September 30th, so be sure to get yours!

If you can’t be at Epcot on September 30th, Spectro Radio is the next best place to be. So join us from August 1st as we celebrate IllumiNations and its final farewell.

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