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Cinderella Castle to Receive Update

Disney announced today Cinderella castle would receive a major facelift. In an artist’s rendering released by the company today the castle, the park’s towering icon, seems to gleam in the light. Its central white towers appear to take on a pinkish hue while the light blue turrets stand out in a deeper shade of royal blue. Most strikingly are lines upon lines of gold trim outlining nearly every angle of the structure.

The castle has undergone many transformations through the years including being turned into a birthday cake at its 25th anniversary, and then taking on gold accents and  a large celebratory medallion that rotated to show the various Disney parks castles around the world during the Happiest Celebration on Earth, celebrating the 50th anniversary of Disneyland.

This new makeover, however, is described by Disney as being permanent, and not just a temporary overlay.

castle comparison.jpg

The castle pictured as it is currently on the left, and an artist’s rendering on the right

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