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Disneyland60: Starring YOU

We’re gearing up for our 3 month long Summer of Disneyland Diamond Anniversary Celebration and we want you to be a part of the magic! During our summer celebration broadcasts, we want to play clips of YOU, our Spectro Radio listeners, sending out your love for Disney and Disneyland!

Here are some example messages to get your started:

“I’m ________ from _________ and I’d like to wish Disneyland a happy 60th Anniversary!”

“I’m ________ from _________and I love listening to Spectro Radio’s Disneyland Diamond celebration!”

“I’m_________ from ________ and my favorite disneyland attraction is_________”

“Happy 60th Birthday Disneyland from all of us in the _(e.g.: Smith)___ Family!”

So, get out those iPhones, record a voice memo, and email it to us here at! Then tune in to our Summer of Disneyland from May 22-Aug 22nd to hear YOUR voice on Spectro Radio!

Stay tuned here for even more details on our Summer of Disneyland Diamond Celebration coming very soon!

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