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Jeremy Irons Reigns Supreme Over Spaceship Earth

You have spoken, WTSC audience and the verdict is in. Garnering a whopping 62.5% of the vote, the Jeremy Irons version of Spaceship Earth which ran from 1994-2007 is the fan favorite by a landslide. Coming in at a distant second place with 20% of the votes is the current version featuring Dame Judi Dench and sponsored by Siemens. Taking third with 15% was Walter Cronkite’s version which ran from 1986-1994 and was sponsored by AT&T. And lastly and unsurprisingly, the original version sponsored by the Bell System came in dead last with just 2.5% of the votes. 

Stay tuned to WTSC for more of your favorite Disney music and more chances to make your voice heard!

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