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New Music Comes to Adventureland

If you find yourself walking down the pathways of Adventureland at Magic Kingdom, your ears might notice something different. Disney has updated the music loop playing throughout this area of park.

Previously, this area of the park featured mainly music by the Balafon Marimba Ensemble including their tracks"I Already Have a Husband","Nhamo", and "Temerina." Now, currently unidentified music plays throughout and seems to change with the various areas. The music you hear near the entrance to The Skipper Canteen feels more tropical, while the music playing near Aladdin's Flying Carpets takes on a noticeably more Arabian feel.

Take a listen to this recording from the park. As soon as we've figured out what this music is, you can be sure it will find its way to Spectro Radio. In the meantime, the legacy Adventureland music of the Balafon Marimba continues to play!

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