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Phantom Manor Returns May 3

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Phantom Manor pictured in Feb 2018

The Phantom Manor, the Haunted Mansion that resides in Disneyland Paris, is set to return May 3, 2018. The Lengthy refurbishment that left the iconic attraction closed for 16 months has been extended at least three times since the attraction shuttered its doors in early January 2018.

Finally this week Disneyland Paris officials announced the attraction’s reopening date with a trailer (below). While the attraction has received extensive updates and fixes, it’s not thought that it will be radically different when it opens its doors again in May.

One welcome change announced is the return of at least some of the original narration from famed Vincent Price. The Vincent Price narration was removed years ago following a dispute with French officials over agreements over what percent of attractions in the French park should be spoken in English versus French. Presumably Disney has overcome these agreements with an altered script that features Vincent Price’s voice in a more limited way.

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