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Rumor: Could Disney Dreams Be Returning to Disneyland Paris?


That was until the park’s twentieth anniversary saw the debut of a groundbreaking new nighttime spectacular that featured castle projections, lasers, colorful dancing fountains, and low-level pyrotechnics called Disney Dreams. The show was almost a hybrid of traditional pyrotechnics shows like Wishes, castle projection shows like The Magic, The Memories, and You, and World of Color. Dreams was an immediate hit with guests, was unique to Disneyland Paris, and lasted well beyond the park’s twentieth anniversary celebrations.

It wasn’t until the park’s 25th anniversary that the show was replaced by the currently running, Disney Illuminations, an adapted version of the nighttime spectacular that debuted with the opening of Shanghai Disneyland known as Ignite the Dream.

While a beautiful show, many fans agree that Disney Illuminations lacks the unique storytelling that Disney Dreams had while suffering from odd transitions and excessively long sequences that don’t seem to have a unifying storyline (that Beauty and the Beast segment? rough).

But in recent days many fans of the Parisian park have reason to think that Disney Dreams might be making a return. Consider the following:

  1. Disney Illuminations was launched for the 25th anniversary of the park, a celebration which officially ended nearly a year ago.

  2. This week a Disneyland Paris twitter fan account @DLPGuestEN reported the park was testing several Disney Dreams sequences on the castle after park closing.

Screen Shot 2019-05-19 at 7.14.47 PM
  1. Another fan account @DLPWonders started the hashtag #bringbackdreams and tagged the Disneyland Paris Help twitter account:

Screen Shot 2019-05-19 at 7.16.36 PM
  1. Disneyland Paris has already resurrected the beloved show once! During the Mickey 90 celebration event, the park presented a special edition of Dreams to Celebrate and the crowd LOVED it, so they know the value the show still has to fans. check it out:

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