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Special Disneyland Anniversary Lineup!

Friday July 17th is the 60th Anniversary of Disneyland. We’ve been celebrating since May but tomorrow is a special day and we’ve got a  lineup all day to celebrate along with our friends at Disneyland and let you be a part of the celebration no matter where you are! Check out our lineup below and don’t miss a minute of the celebration!

7:30am – The earzup podcast starts off our day bright and early with an interesting look at Disneyland by the numbers!

9am – Walt’s Dedication of Disneyland

10am – A journey and look down Disneyland’s Main Street USA

11am – Steve Martin hosts the First Fifty Magical Years. A look back from Disneyland’s 50th anniversary.

12pm – A Look back at 60 years of Disneyland Parades

1:30pm – The Disneyland Monorail Dedication from 1959

2pm – The History of it’s a small world

5pm – Dateline Disneyland: a look back at TV coverage of Disneyland through the years

6pm – Disneyland Spotlight – Secrets, Stories, and Magic

7pm Disneyland Street Lights – The music of Disneyland’s Electrical Parades

9:30pm – Disneyland After Dark: From Date Night to Paint The Night, the music of Disneyland when the sun goes down.

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