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Spectro Announces Patreon Enhancements!

After over a year of Patreon support from generous listeners, Spectro Radio is excited to announce several enhancements to current Patreon levels!

We’ve overhauled our Patreon support levels to make listening and supporting the station more rewarding! Apart from the name changes, every level has added rewards.

Our opening level, formerly known as SpectroFan, will now be known as Light Magic and will now feature early access to Spectro Time write-ups from Earzup Podcast episodes before they get published as articles on the main site.

Our second level becomes Main Street Electrical Parade and now adds the benefits of having access to station polling where Spectro Radio will poll this level of Patreon and higher on some decisions for the station such as songs to be added and changes to the schedule putting Patrons in charge. This level also will have permanent access to the recipes presented during the Jazz Brunch Show. These recipes normally only stay on the main site for limited time! Also at this level supporters will receive a monthly, exclusive, high-quality digital photo from the Disney Parks to be used on your desktop, iPhone, or any other place you like!

The Spectro DJ level now becomes Fantillusion and in addition to the above enhancements also receives a semi-annual discount code usable on any merchandise in the Spectro Radio Teepublic shop.

The highest level of support, SpectroMagic receives all of the above rewards and also gets a free tee-shirt of their choice from the Spectro Radio TeePublic store after completing each year of support beginning with this year.

Below you can find an overview of the before and after enhancements for each support level. Thanks for your continued support and if you aren’t a patron we look forward to welcoming you to the Spectro Patreon Family!

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 8.56.09 PM
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