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Spectro Now Available with Alexa

One of the many benefits of Spectro Radio launching on Live365 is now here with Alexa Compatibility! With the Live365 Alexa skill you can have Alexa play Spectro Radio for you any time!

Here are some simple steps to activate Spectro Radio and Live365 on Alexa:

  1. Enable the Live365 Alexa Skill in the Alexa Skills Store. (Canadian listeners can find the Alexa skill here and listeners from the United Kingdom can access it here)

  2. Once there, select “Enable.” You can also enable the live365 skill by simply saying “Alexa, enable live365 skill.”

  3. After enabling the skill, tune into live365 by saying “Alexa, play Live365.” You will then be prompted to pick a station or genre.

  4. When prompted for a station or genre say “Play Spectro Radio.” Note that Live365 is pronounced “live three sixty-five.” 

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