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Spectro Radio NYE Celebration!

Once again, Spectro Radio has put together another two-day New Year’s Eve celebration to welcome 2016. In addition to several tracks that look back at Disney’s historic Millennium Celebration, the event will be a truly global affair celebrating the new year with Disney Parks from around the globe with a special tribute to Tokyo Disney’s New Year taking place at 10am ET (midnight Tokyo Disney time). Then at 6pm ET the celebration makes a stop in France to ring the new year in at midnight Disneyland Paris time. Then we’ll whisk you across the Atlantic to celebrate simultaneously with Walt Disney World. Finally, at 3am we finish up with audio that celebrates the new year along with Disneyland in California. 

The celebration doesn’t stop there because on January 1st the new year programming continues all day.

Join us for this amazing event!

Programming Lineup: 9am – Tapestry of Dreams

10am – TOKYO DISNEY (Countdown Party ’99, Countdown Parade, Tokyo Disney New Years Holiday, BraviSEAmo)

11am – History of Spaceship Earth. Before we go further, we must see where we’ve been. Join us for a look back at the history of this EPCOT icon.

1pm – NYE from Disneyland 1966. 

2pm – Walt Disney and the 1964 Worlds Fair Highlights. See the future from the past. Featuring Progressland and The Magic Skyway.

3pm – Future World. Prepare for the future as we take you on ride throughs from favorite EPCOT Future World attractions. 

5pm – Making the Millennium. A look back at this once in a lifetime EPCOT event.

6pm – DISNEYLAND PARIS (Disneyland Paris NYE Countdown, Disney Dreams)

7pm – Super Bowl 34 EPCOT Millennium Celebration Halftime Show

7:30pm – Tapestry of Nations. A full half hour mix of the studio recording and live performance of this amazing parade that led us into the next millenium at EPCOT. 

8pm – Ultimate IllumiNations Hour. Featuring Preshow music and EVERY IllumiNations version including Carnival de Lumiere – A Laserphonic New World Fantasy

11pm – EPCOT New Year’s Eve IllumiNations tag – 1993

11:52pm (approx) – EPCOT World Showcase Countdown.

Midnight – NYE Celebration Music.

2:52am – EPCOT World Showcase Countdown replay 

3am – DISNEYLAND (Disneyland NYE Countdown, NYE from Disneyland 1966)

9am New Year’s Day – History of Spaceship Earth Encore Performance

Noon – History of IllumiNations. Travel back to the original Laserphonic Fantasy and enjoy every version since then in Chronological order with some behind the scenes looks into this amazing nighttime tradition.

2pm – Walt Disney and the 1964 Worlds Fair Highlights. See the future from the past. Featuring Progressland and The Magic Skyway.

3pm – Walt Disney’s Original Plans for EPCOT

7pm – Making The Millennium – The Celebration of a Lifetime at Walt Disney World

7:30pm – Tapestry of Dreams

8pm – Ultimate IllumiNations Hour Encore Performance

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