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SPECTRO Radio Set to Celebrate July 4th

New York, NY — Spectro Radio is announcing plans for a spectacular celebration to keep you entertained this Fourth of July. We’ll celebrate America’s Independence with a full schedule of Disney’s most patriotic tracks. Highlights include EPCOT’s American Adventure, The Hall of Presidents, and the Spectro Radio Debut of the Magic Kingdom’s Celebrate America: A Fourth of July Concert in the Sky and President Reagan’s 1984 Inaugural Address from EPCOT Center.

See Below for the full programming lineup. Be sure to tune in!

9am – The Hall of President’s –  A Celebration of Liberty’s Leaders

12pm – The American Adventure

1pm – President Reagan’s Second Inauguration from EPCOT Center 1984.

2pm – Spirit of America Fife and Drum Corps

3pm – Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln

4pm – We love a parade! – Grab a place on the curb, we’ve got two hours of Disney parades.

6pm – Magic Kingom Flag Retreat Ceremony

7pm – Main Street Electrical Parade – Current full Magic Kingdom Version

8:30pm – IllumiNations Hour

10pm – Celebrate America: A fourth of July Concert in the Sky – SPECTRO DEBUT!

And throughout the day hear Disney classics like “The Glorious Fourth of July”, “America Sings”, and “Liberty Square Area Music.”

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