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Spectro Radio to Celebrate EPCOT35


Full Lineup:

9am – We’ve Just Begun to Dream: The Grand Opening of Epcot Center

10am – The History of Spaceship Earth. Take a trip back through time as we present each version of Spaceship Earth in order.

Noon – Tour of Future World. At noon we move ahead into Future World and look back on the future through Future World attractions of the past and present.

2pm – World Showcase Tour. Moving on to World Showcase, we take you on a clockwise tour of EPCOT’s showcase of nations through music and attraction audio.

4pm – Earzup Podcast presents the Music of the Millennium Celebration. Don’t miss this episode of Earzup Podcast covering the musical history of Epcot’s Millennium Celebration.

6pm – Live Musical Acts of Epcot. Sit back and listen to the music of various Live Epcot Musical acts from Canada’s Off Kilter to Norway’s Blåmann.

8pm – IllumiNations Hour: The History of IllumiNations. We take you through the history of IllumiNations beginning with its predecessor, Laserphonic Fantasy.

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