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Spectro Radio to Feature EarzUP Disneyland Podcast for Disneyland60

Spectro Radio has teamed up with the EarzUP Podcast, a podcast all about Disneyland as part of our Disneyland Diamond 60th Anniversary Celebration. All summer long, you’ll be able to hear the voices Jason, Terrence, and Taren as they discuss all things Disneyland, right here on Spectro Radio!  The EarzUp podcast will play Mondays at 4pm ET, Wednesdays at 2am ET, and Fridays at 8am ET. The EarzUP podcast is a show about maximizing your experiences at Disneyland, and hopefully showing you things you may not know have known before; part suggestion, part opinion – they aim to give you their thoughts on how to make the most of your vacation, based on years of enjoying the parks.  Where to go, how to get there, and all the Disney magic in between! Be sure to check them out at EarzUp! and follow them on twitter @earzup!

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