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Spectro Radio to Return with Limited Audio

Dear Listeners,

Thank you for the support you’ve expressed for the station over the last week. The current issue with the station is that due to a payment dispute one of the performance rights organizations, ASCAP has pulled its license from our service provider Stream Licensing effective July 31. This effectively has left Spectro Radio without a license to stream any music that falls under the ASCAP repertory. It was therefore prudent to pause the stream to ensure we weren’t broadcasting any music without a license.

While it is my hope that a solution will be found between StreamLicensing and ASCAP and negotiations continue, it appears we are potentially still several weeks away from that possibility, if not months.

It has taken some time to sort through the Spectro Radio audio library (it’s still a work in progress) to determine which tracks fall under the ASCAP repertory and which do not. In order to restart the stream and broadcast legally, I have decided to temporarily pull all audio that falls under the ASCAP repertory and restart the broadcast streaming the remaining audio that we still have a license to broadcast until a solution with ASCAP can be found.

I debated the idea of restarting the stream at only approx 30% of the usual playlist but in the end decided it better to broadcast something rather than nothing. Due to the large amount of audio that falls under ASCAP, the station will not be able to support any special programming such as the IllumiNations Hour, or Total EPCOT show during this time. EarzUP Podcast will continue to play at 9am Fridays and Sundays.

The Stream will restart tonight (Saturday Aug 5th) at 10pm. Please stay tuned to Spectro Radio social media and this site for further updates and thanks for your patience and support.

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