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Spectro Radio to Salute Small World 50th

Fifty years ago this April, ‘It’s a Small World’ debuted at the New York Worlds Fair of 1964. Since then it has delighted Disney fans at Disney resorts around the globe. It has been argued that the theme song is the single most performed and translated song on the planet. Tom Staggs recently stated that at every moment of every day Disney fans somewhere on the planet are riding through It’s a Small World in a Disney theme park.   At noon on April 22nd, the official anniversary of the debut of the attraction at the Worlds Fair, Spectro Radio will proudly present a special afternoon of programming saluting this time-honored and beloved Disney attraction. We’ll feature behind the scenes looks into the design, Disney’s 50th anniversary global Small World montage, original rehearsal tracks of Walt and the Sherman brothers, as well as the original and complete World’s Fair ride-through.

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