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Spectro Set to Celebrate Disney World Anniversary

October 1st marks the 43rd anniversary of Walt Disney World and the 32nd anniversary of the Opening of EPCOT Center. Spectro Radio will be marking the occasion with a two day broadcast event running Tuesday September 30th through Wednesday October 1st at midnight. We’ll have two days packed with music and audio celebrating 43 years of Walt Disney World and EPCOT Center. The first day will be devoted to the history of EPCOT and the second day will be a look back at the Magic Kingdom through the years.

Tuesday September 30th – EPCOT

9am – EPCOT Center Opening Ceremony from October 1st, 1982 10am – EPCOT in the media

  1. A Dream Called EPCOT

  2. Walt Disney’s Original Plan for EPCOT

  3. EPCOT Center Preview with Card Walker

  4. 1982 EPCOT Center Preview Video

  5. NBC Today Show Coverage of EPCOT hosted by Jane Pauley

  6. Michael Landon Presents: One Man’s Dream

11am – History of Spaceship Earth – Travel back in time as we present all the versions of Spaceship Earth in chronological order and a documentary called The Spaceship Earth Story from 1982.

1pm – EPCOT Celebrates the Millennium. A look back at the celebration of a lifetime as Disney marked the year 2000. 

2pm – Future World – Ride through audio of Horizons, World of Motion, Living With  The Land, Universe of Energy, Journey Into Imagination, Mission: Space, and more

4pm – World Showcase – 3 hours devoted to the sounds of World Showcase kicking off with a ride-through of Maelstrom and the Spirit of Norway.

7pm – EPCOT Celebrates the Millennium

8pm – Tapestry of Nations Recorded Live

8:30pm – The History of IllumiNations – go back to the original Laserphonic Fantasy and enjoy versions of IllumiNations throughout the years.

Wednesday October 1st – Walt Disney World and the Magic Kingdom

9am – Walt Disney World Grand Opening Coverage

10am – WDW Tencennial Parade

11am – WDW’s 15th Anniversary

  1. Dolly Parton Celebrates WDW’s 15th Anniversary

  2. WDW 15th Anniversary Parade Coverage

Noon – Remember the Magic – Walt Disney World’s 25th Anniversary Parade

1pm – Grand Opening of Splash Mountain and Splash Mountain Ride Through

2pm – Delta Dreamflight

3pm – 6pm – Music and Audio from the Magic Kingdom

6pm – Walt Disney World Grand Opening Coverage Replay

7pm – SpectroMagic and the Main Street Electrical Parade

8pm – IllumiNations Hour

10pm – WDW Nighttime Spectaculars Through the Years

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