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Spectro to Celebrate Disneyland Anniversary!

Tune in to Spectro all day this Tuesday July 17th as we fill our airwaves with Disneyland music and audio from 1955 to today to celebrate the anniversary of the place that started it all.

Beginning at 7am ET,  Earzup Podcast presents Disneyland by the Numbers. Then we’ll devote solid audio blocks throughout the day to each of the many lands of Disneyland.

7am – Earzup Podcast: Disneyland by the Numbers

9am – Entrance and Main Street USA

11am – Adventureland

12pm – New Orleans Square

1pm – Frontierland

3pm – Fantasyland

4pm – Tomorrowland

6pm – Disneyland’s Live Musical Acts (The Strawhatters, The Firehouse 5 plus 2, and more!)

7pm – Disney California Adventure

9pm – Disneyland After Dark – Nighttime Spectaculars, electrical parades, and more.

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