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Statement on Status of Spectro Radio

Dear Listeners,

Thank you for tuning in and supporting Spectro Radio. Recently ASCAP, one of the performance rights organizations (PROs) in the United States, terminated its blanket license with StreamLicensing (the organization that covers, tracks, and handles the royalty payments and license coverage to the various PROs for Spectro Radio and several other small web broadcasters).

Due to a payment dispute between StreamLicensing and ASCAP, ASCAP unilaterally terminated the license leaving Spectro Radio broadcasting its stream, in part, without license (our coverage with BMI, SESAC, and SoundExchange is still valid).

An overwhelming portion of the Spectro Radio library falls under the ASCAP repertory. At this point in time, StreamLicensing and ASCAP have not yet come to a resolution to ensure future ASCAP coverage though we understand negotiations continue.

Maintaining a legal stream that also pays artists their fair share of revenue is of utmost importance. Therefore, out of an abundance of caution, I will be pausing the Spectro Radio stream at Midnight July 31st until a resolution between StreamLicensing and ASCAP can be found.

Thank you for being loyal fans and please stay tuned to Spectro Radio’s social media and this site for the latest updates. As soon as I feel comfortable relaunching the stream I will do so. And in the meantime to get your Disney Fix, please download the EarzUP podcast where you can hear my SpectroTime segments on this history and magic behind some of Disney’s most beloved pieces of music!

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